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Welcome to Altered States—a place to tune into your awareness, lift your spirits, and return to your true nature.

Make your inner space a better place

Navigating the unknown within us can feel daunting. So it helps to start with friendly guidance, an open mind, and a conducive space for practice. We’re here to help you help yourself—by developing a consistent, authentic practice, you can find purpose, happiness, and improve your wellbeing.

Our methods


Develop a restorative practice to keep your mind, body, and spirit in balance.


Explore a range of methods, and find a technique that resonates with you.


Learn to let your intuition lead, and improve your natural mobility.

The Studio


Cultivate your practice with a programme that's designed for you to Align, Meditate, or Move, on a regular basis. Each class is 75 mins.

Workshops & Retreats

Dive deeper with our 90-min to 3-hour workshops and intensives, featuring various modalities and occasional guest facilitators.
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