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Dynamic Meditation

75 mins


OSHO Dynamic Meditation ® is a 5-stage active meditation. The journey takes you through priming, where deep chaotic breathing is used to stir deep-seated repressions; to cleansing and cathartic release; to awakening the energies within all of us; and finally into silence and celebration. 

This practice is best practiced in the early morning, awakening deep within ourselves and bringing us into consciousness and alertness. While the effects can be experienced in just one sitting, this is best experienced as an extended practice or a daily technique for an extended period of time.

Suited for beginners and experienced meditators alike.



Meet your guide


For nearly 25 years, Antar Nadam (Owen Yeoh) has been helping individuals, corporations and government agencies explore the field of organisational and personal performance through skills upgrading and development. His role as a trainer, coach, and consultant sees him engage people at all levels, from the man on the street to national level workforce projects. 

Through the lens of this experience, he sees the need for holistic development, where skills upgrading is complemented by emotional and spiritual building. To this end, Nadam holds space for meditation, a foundation for individuals to build their emotional and spiritual health and well-being. 

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