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Embodied Landscapes

75 mins


An embodied exploration enliven nature within.

A space to let the body speak before the mind. Through movement as a gateway, we'll work with the intention to feel safe and free in your body. 

Beginning with a somatic (body based) awareness practice, followed by opening the spine through simple yet effective spinal flow sequence to deepen into the ease, warmth, and widening of our sense of embodiment.

Once the fluidity of the spine is open, we will activate our spatial awareness through guided prompts, and transition into an intuitive flow.

Guided by Chloe, an experienced embodiment facilitator, and somatic therapist. She is trauma aware and assures accessibility in movement for all bodies.

Who is this for?

An interest to deepen their relationship to their bodies.

For people interested to connect internally to a deep resource that they often find in nature.

Also for people who sense moments of of separation with your body, which can come in the forms of anxiety, tension, difficulty in breathing or movement.

Do I need to be a dancer?

Anyone with a body can do this movement. It is designed to be as accessible as possible for all bodies. You do not need to be a dancer.

What benefit does my body receive?

Your body will feel loose, open, and available. From this space, we are able to connect better to our emotions, or to our subconscious. We are able to discover more coherence, clarity, and often times, peace. Sensorial information becomes more available to us.

Why is it called Embodied Landscapes?

We sometimes perceive nature outside of us, yet it is within. Embodiment is a way to deepen our relationship with the body. Landscapes is a way to connect to our internal terrain.



Meet your guide


Chloe is a Bodywork Therapist & Embodiment Facilitator at Body as Earth.

She works with people who experience a separation between the mind and body; which may come in the forms of chronic stress, anxiety, disease, pain, and burn out. She shares bodywork therapy and embodiment techniques to invite safe expression, leading into resolution.

As a therapist; Chloe is informed by her personal experiences with severe anxiety, volatile environments, and transformation from anxious and avoidant attachments to secure relational dynamics. Given the collective trauma that the world is experiencing together; Chloe places herself in the role of service towards more expansive states of safe relating and holistic health.

Having come into therapy from a movement background, Chloe has a strong kinaesthetic sensibility, allowing her to naturally attune to the unspoken story of the body. By being more deeply present with one’s body, one can experience a more connected life. Her approach is a balance of the holistic sciences, kinaesthetic intelligence, trauma sensitivity, and deep intuitive attuning.

She has skilled experience in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Trauma-Informed Relational Somatics, Complex Trauma, Trauma-Sensitive Foundations for Facilitators, and the Movement Arts. She is a Post Graduate of Asian Art from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

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