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Fluid Spine

75 mins


Fluid Spine is an embodied exploration guided by movement artist, Chloe. A space to let the body speak before the mind. 

Get to know your body better by understanding and expanding your range of motion. Using movement as a gateway, we'll work with the intention to feel safe and free in your body. 

The session begins with a gentle awareness practice, before opening the body through movement, using prompts to activate your spatial awareness. Chloe then leads you into guided improvisation, a way to deepen both your internal and external connections.

Who is this for?

All levels

Looking to dive deeper? Join our 4-week term in July.


Meet your guide


Fluid Spine

Chloe spent her youth deep in the study of world dance and movement forms; from underground dance movements of Metro Manila to traditional forms in West Africa, to the downtown dance scene in New York, and her travels around Southeast Asia. Her journey brought her to now focus on the healing arts and trauma sensitivity. 

She is always intrigued by the body as an instrument for transformation, relationship, and creative potency. Chloe is skilled in therapeutic bodywork, embodiment practices, movement arts, trauma informed relational somatics, and over a decade of experience in yoga and meditation. 

She works with people who experience a separation between the mind and body and invites expression and resolution. Her approach is a balance of the holistic sciences, kinaesthetic intelligence, trauma sensitivity, and deep intuitive attuning.

More on her work through Body as Earth.

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