Meditating on death and impermanence can bring us perspective, clarity, and wisdom. Join us for a special workshop:
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Gong Meditation

75 mins


This class invites you to slow down, recharge, and find balance amidst the constant hustle of modern life.

We open the class with qigong, an age-old practice to help balance and cultivate the life force in your body. Supported by breath, we will practise light, gentle movement to bring harmony and alignment to your energetic pathways.

Then, we'll transition from movement to stillness, as we allow the vibrations of the gong to bring about an ease of being. The potential benefits of gong baths include a calmer body and mind, better sleep, and an improved sense of wellbeing.

Who is this for?

All levels



Meet your guide


Gong Meditation

Kristin is an avid student of meditation, qigong, and sound, and she has the privilege of working with two empowering modalities: the gong and alchemy singing bowls. 

Working in the finance and tech industry, Kristin finds that she is constantly exploring the intersection between one’s inner practice and the multitude of roles that one may lead in the external world. 

She hopes to share her practice with – and be of service to – all who seek a sense of awareness, balance, and peace.

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