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Gong Bath

75 mins


If you find it difficult to meditate on your own, try easing yourself in with a gong bath. Sound provides a helpful anchor for your mind, so that you can slow down effectively. As you immerse in the deep, resonant sounds, your mind is gently lulled from an alert state into the calmer theta state.

This session is designed for you to receive; all you have to do is let go. With the skilful playing of gong master Stanley, let the vibrations of the gong bring you into a state of calm and balance.

The benefits of a gong bath include a calmer mind and body, better sleep, and an improved sense of wellbeing. With time, this can help to heighten your state of consciousness, helping you to access personal insights and more.



Meet your guide


Stanley discovered yoga while recuperating from severe leg injuries sustained in a traffic accident in 1999. He is the first son in Singapore who was authorized by K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute to teach the ashtanga system in 2005. Stanley's immense passion and interest for yoga drove him to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern philosophy, Yin yoga, Kundalini yoga and sound healing from renowned teachers and healers.

Being a trained counsellor, Stanley advocates for mental wellness. He incorporates sound therapy, mindfulness meditation, and breathwork into his practice. After 20 years of teaching, he's established a system fusing sound therapy into all his yoga classes. To him, sound therapy awakens one’s consciousness to propel each individual to greater intelligence, enhanced inner peace, and sanctity as a being; the ability to open one’s heart to care, love to oneself and others.

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