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Have you noticed what your breathing patterns are like lately? It's usually a good way to tell whether we're facing physical or emotional obstacles, from daily stressors, tensions, or physical habits. Most of the time, our breathing becomes shallow or stilted without us realising it. These unconscious patterns restrict the flow of prana, our life force.

In this class, you'll explore pranayama, which are yogic breathing exercises that help to clear these obstacles internally. As a result, you are able to free the breath, and therefore facilitate the healthy flow of prana - life energy.

Systematic deep breathing also helps to calm your mind by releasing endorphins*. This is deeply beneficial to us, as many illnesses have been found to be linked to stress and emotional imbalance. Discover how the simple act of breathing well can help you to gain mental clarity, regulate your heart rate and blood pressure, and reduce stress.

*Source: Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Institute


Meet your guide


Punam’s passion for fitness and yoga spans two decades. Starting with taekwondo, she branched into fitness and aerobics, attaining her certifications through the Singapore Sports Council and the American Council on Exercise. But the mother of two grown up boys realised early that there was more to fitness than just the physical dimension. Believing in a holistic approach to wellness at all levels, Punam is qualified as a Usui Reiki master and EMF healer.

Punam is a Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner and one of the first in Asia to be certified by Grof Transpersonal Training USA. She holds a BSc in Yogic Sciences and is a yoga therapist, instructor, and kundalini kriya yoga practitioner.

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