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Tension Release Exercise (TRE)

75 mins


Reconnect to your body with Tension Release Exercise (TRE). This practice is a space where you can listen deeply to your body, and allow it to release deeply held patterns of stress, tension and trauma.

You'll begin by centering your mind, settling into a deep, quiet awareness of your body through simple prompts. This eases you into the next part, where you'll be guided into simple postures that activate your body’s natural ability to release, in the form of muscular shaking or vibrating.

Afterwards, you'll relax fully into restorative sound to close the session. By practising TRE, you may feel more at ease and grounded, get in touch with your body’s wisdom, and develop an expanded capacity to handle stress.

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Meet your guide


Diana is a body-oriented coach, somatic therapist and movement spaceholder. She believes that when attuned to, the body can be a gateway to sustained transformation and a resource to find resilience amidst change. 

She brings years of embodied experience in the therapeutic arts, such as TRE, craniosacral therapy, and more, along with decades of exploration in the movement arts of yoga, qigong, and active meditation. 

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