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Crystal Sound Bath

1.5 hours

Sound has been used through the ages to tune us into various moods and states. Through sound, you can align yourself with the vibrations that promote health, happiness, and harmony.

At Crystal Sound Bath, you'll get to immerse in the resonance of 18 bowls and healing instruments. During the session, Masumi will also analyse your individual energy field and help you to find inner balance.

You'll feel like time slows down, and you can uncover a more conscious side of yourself, facilitating your body's innate ability to rest and heal.


Meet your guide


Masumi grew up in the deep countryside of Japan with a strong connection to the surrounding natural sounds and a bond with the spiritual world. She is an experienced Crystal Singing Bowl practitioner, sound healer and energy worker. She performed at Bali Spirit Festival 2017 and at Ise Shrine, the most ancient and powerful Shrine in Japan that is more than 2,000 years old.

Masumi has been learning Ancient music. She brings both the theory and its spirit into her Crystal Singing Bowl practice. The sound and harmony she creates will connect you to your deep inner self, helping you to find balance within.

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