Let the body speak where words cannot; through Ecstatic Dance this Aug 25th.
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Demystifying Kundalini Yoga

2 hours

An in-depth introduction to Kundalini Yoga. If you'd like to understand the essence of Kundalini, explore the fundamentals, and possibly initiate a regular practice with guidance, this two-hour workshop is for you.

Explore your creative energy with Kundalini yoga, a combination of breath, movement, and sound. The ultimate goal of Kundalini is to increase your self-awareness by silencing the mind and unblocking your energy centers, so that vital energy can flow freely.

With regular practice, you may notice a transformation towards physical strength, heightened awareness, mental clarity, and happiness. This ancient healing practice awakens and activates one's true potential for health and vitality.


Meet your guide


Kundalini Yoga

Adam has been an avid Yoga practitioner since 2002. He holds a Yoga certification from the Vivekanda Yoga Kendra (India), Kundalini Research Institute, Vktya Vikas Kendra (India), studying under many contemporary and traditional yoga teachers of this century. Now teaching yoga in Singapore, Adam's mission is to create an experience in his yoga classes that enriches the lives of its participants on and off the mat.

In his former life, Adam worked in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry (Glion of Switzerland). With his long working hours, set routine, and an unhealthy lifestyle, stress was the order of the day. Through yoga, he found spiritual, mental, and physical healing. In gratitude, Adam strives to give the gift of yoga to others with a skilful and compassionate approach. He welcomes all levels to his yoga classes.

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