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Ecstatic Dance

2 hours

Ecstatic Dance is a movement that encourages free movement with awareness of a conscious dance practice. In this safe container, you're welcomed to find your own rhythm and sense of freedom in the body amidst the sound scapes of Jean Reiki, our resident DJ for monthly Ecstatic Dance every last Thursday of the month.

The birthplace of Ecstatic Dance is Kalani-Honua, near by the Pele Volcano, amidst the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii; an environment that's wild, humid, active, and Ecstatic - carrying its essence into a global movement. In a natural Ecstatic state, it has been known to experience a sense of universal relatedness, both with oneself and others.

For an intentional and deep experience; opening and closing the session is movement facilitator Nashwa, known for her mystique, femininity, and space holding within the healing arts community in Singapore and Japan.


Meet your guide


Ecstatic Dance

DJ and producer Jean Reiki was a vinyl-collector who stumbled upon Hard Hops and Nu-Skool Breaks at the tail-end of the 90s. Her style of DJing gradually developed, resulting in a wide gamut of musical genres in her sets and cemented her a place at London’s Point Blank's Top Female DJs and Ones To Watch for 2012. Her compositions and remixes gained notable attention with her work featured in far corners of the world from Vietnam, Copenhagen, London, Japan, Berlin, and Singapore.

Always exploring new terrains, she has played at Ecstatic Dance events to infuse free form movement and healing in a judgment-free space. As a techno shaman, her soundscape meditation events are sonically designed to both enliven and calm the senses.

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