Tune inwards with guided breathwork and a live ambient set by Kin Leonn, on 6 Dec
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Sonic Worlds (Live with Kin Leonn)

75 mins

A meditative journey for your senses

Join us for a breath and sound journey, in collaboration with Palm Ave Float Club.

Earlier this year, ambient artist Kin Leonn was tasked to create a sound journey specially for the float pod. Now, he'll be presenting the experience live, for your listening pleasure.

The experience

As we settle in, you’ll be guided through meditative breathwork by facilitator Danica, easing you into a space of stillness.

You'll then be immersed in a soundscape played live by Kin Leonn. Listen deeply to the waves of texture, tone, and atmosphere, and discover new pathways to presence.

Drift into a new Sonic World

Kin will be playing elements of his upcoming track ‘Cocoon’, which launches at the Float Club from 9 Dec.

"[Cocoon is] a drifting away into a vast spaciousness; the body dissolved and the world far below. Everything is distant and in slow-motion. Like watching the world from a plane window. For me personally, this is the exact thesis of a float tank. So it was important for me to recreate that feeling in the music – a colossal sonic space which leads one to feel like their mental space has been expanded, and they can glide freely around this new inhabitation in their minds."

This session can be enjoyed seated or lying down. Mats and cushions will be provided for your comfort.


Meet your guide

Kin Leonn

Kin Leonn is an ambient artist, composer, and producer. His music is an interplay of textured electronics, ambient piano, field recordings, and arpeggiated excursions.

In 2018, he released his debut solo album as the youngest artist under KITCHEN. LABEL; his music has since been featured on KEXP and BBC Radio. Since then, he has released a collaborative EP with Japanese sound artist Hiroshi Ebina, performed sold-out shows in both London and Singapore, and composed surround-channel ambient experiences for London’s Architectural Association with Sean Gwee, and Happy House for Singapore Art Week.

Experience his music here.

Polaroids by Christopher Sim


Danica’s journey with mindfulness started by chance, when she was conducting research in the field of exercise and sports studies. This led her to explore her own meditation practice, which in turn sparked a deeper interest in counselling psychology and neuroscience of mindfulness and yoga.

These days, Danica channels her focus into helping people experience mind-body balance. She teaches mindfulness, yoga therapeutics, and coaching programmes, such as the Mindful Schools curriculum for youth, and athlete performance programmes.

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