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Sonic Worlds: Unfolding

1.25 hours

A meditative unfolding

Movement allows us to deepen the way we experience music. When combined, it can improve our mood, emotional regulation, and physical well-being.

In this journey, you’ll be guided through spaces of stillness alternating with meditative movement. Unlock a richer experience, both sonically and physically, and open up new pathways to presence.

The Sonic Worlds experience

We’ll begin by settling in with facilitator Hafeez, who’ll ease you into a space of awareness and intention.

Throughout the session, you’ll be immersed in an ambient soundscape, played live by Kin Leonn. As you listen deeply to the waves of texture, tone, and atmosphere, you’ll alternate between spaces of stillness with intervals of gentle movement, guided by Hafeez. As a movement artist with decades of experience, his prompts will help you to experience the music with deeper presence.

This session can be enjoyed seated, standing, or lying down. Mats and cushions will be provided for your comfort.


Meet your guide

Kin Leonn

Kin Leonn is an ambient artist, composer, and producer. His music is an interplay of textured electronics, ambient piano, field recordings, and arpeggiated excursions.

In 2018, he released his debut solo album as the youngest artist under KITCHEN. LABEL; his music has since been featured on KEXP and BBC Radio. Since then, he has released a collaborative EP with Japanese sound artist Hiroshi Ebina, performed sold-out shows in both London and Singapore, and composed surround-channel ambient experiences for London’s Architectural Association with Sean Gwee, and Happy House for Singapore Art Week.

Experience his music here.

Photo by Christopher Sim


"If our training goes in line with what Mother Nature has offered us; walking, running, throwing, and more, we can evolve better as humans, pain-free and stress-free."

Hafeez Hassan is a professional choreographer, functional rehab specialist, and movement coach. He has been in the performing arts industry for over 15 years. Known for his “dynamic movement design” on stage, Hafeez has been involved in numerous productions, both as a performer and choreographer. Due to the nature of his job, his passion for physical movement grew and his curiosity brought him into the fitness industry.

After spending many years looking for a sustainable way to maintain his physical health, Hafeez discovered that the best way was also the simplest—by walking. He now integrates his spiritual practices in dance, yoga, and silat with functional corrective exercises. This is how he aims to align the body, mind, and spirit, so as to achieve a peaceful body and a more empowered posture when moving.

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