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Sunrise Sadhana

2 hours

Start your day well, with a meditative sunrise practice.

Sunrise Sadhana is a 2-hour Kundalini yoga practice that can inspire you to cultivate a daily habit. In yoga, sadhana refers to a daily spiritual practice, and it is seen as one of the main tools for working on the self and achieving a higher state of consciousness.

The intention is to learn to create harmony within you. By practising sadhana regularly in a group, you may find that you can go deeper in your practice and feel a sense of connection with your fellow practitioners.

When you start the day with sadhana, you continue to experi­ence the effects throughout the day, which empowers you to handle life's challenges with ease and clarity.

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Meet your guide

Adam Fazlur

An avid Yoga practitioner since 2002, Adam has now been teaching for over a decade and has studied under many contemporary and traditional yoga teachers.

Adam strives to share the gift of yoga with all, with a skilful and compassionate approach. This journey began when he was finding a way to deal with stress while working in the hospitality and tourism industry. Through yoga, he found spiritual, mental, and physical healing.  

Now, his mission is to create an experience that enriches your life, both on and off the mat.

Adam holds Yoga certifications from the Vivekanda Yoga Kendra (India), Kundalini Research Institute (US), Vktya Vikas Kendra (India).

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